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Rubbert – A Ranching Legacy Book is the story of Bob Rubbert, who grew up on a California cattle ranch in the ’30s, ’40s & ’50s. The book follows his life as he becomes known not only as a cowboy and farmer but as a horseman whose knowledge of horses brought joy, confidence and enrichment to many youngsters and their parents through local horse groups. The book combines digital photography with old family photos and shared pictures from Bob’s many friends and family during his years as a 4-H leader. The book concludes with heartwarming letters of thanks and appreciation from many young people and family members who are who are now adults with children of their own. 

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Rubbert – A Ranching Legacy 

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“Special Delivery”

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Follow Montana rancher Mona Welborn as she practices her special brand of care in delivering Montana’s 2015 spring calf crop. The book is rich in stunning Montana scenery and behind-the-scenes images of the tedious nature of calving season in the modern day West. Filled with colorful photos with enlarged print, the simple captions make it an easy book to read for both young and old alike. This is the perfect bedtime picture story book for buckaroos of any age.

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“The Buckaroos”

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Completed in October 2014, “The Buckaroos” is a coffee table photo book  that captures a day in the life of the working cowboys and cowgirls or “Buckaroos”  at the River Springs Ranch in the Sprague River Valley of southeast Oregon. The book is 135 pages of high quality, rich color images  capturing the work, life, and livestock of ranching families in this cattle rich part of the Oregon territory. 

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    “Duane Martin Livestock”



Completed in November 2014 to celebrate 50 years in the cattle business, “Duane Martin Livestock 1964-2014” documents the story of Ione, California cattle rancher Duane Martin as told in his own words and family photos blended with present day images from Working Ranch Photography. The book is 170 pages of captivating stories and photos of the challenges and creative thinking that  resulted in the successful vision that is now Duane Martin Livestock. This book was presented at the company’s 50th business anniversary during the annual Christmas celebration in December 2014 by Duane to his many employees, friends, family,  business partners and others who have contributed so much to the success of the company.  It was a gift of special memories to many special people.

This is a private Ranch Legacy book and is unavailable for sale to the general public.