Please Note:  In early 2018 Working Ranch Photography will move permanently to the new Working Ranch Photography & Photo Store website. The move is necessary due to chronic unresolved software and reliability issues with this site’s photo management vendor that recently resulted in hundreds of WRP images being permanently deleted and lost. The images disappeared when an upgrade, recommended by the vender, was made.

Visitors to Working Ranch Photography are not required to make any changes and there is no need to add or change your “Favorites” or “Bookmarks”.  

When the transition is made, the domain “”  will automatically be redirected to the Working Ranch Photography Photo Store website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. It is time to move to a more professionally managed website host with present day technology, proven reliability and real-time professional support. In the meantime, click on any of the links in any gallery and you will be immediately linked to a new duplicate gallery in the Photo Store. The same great photos that were previously posted here before being permanently deleted by the vendor recommended upgrade are now posted there.